Improvement Fundamentals

We are busy rewriting our training programs to accommodate COVID 19 changes.

Exciting changes on the way, including e-learning, e-coaching, Zoom training and Zoom coaching.

If you have some immediate or future training or coaching needs please contact John McTaggart via email –

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training

Our blended Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training programme has been written, designed and published here in New Zealand with a focus on Lean Six Sigma with added emphasis on leading change.  Access to materials is web based and available over any internet connection, including tablet and smart phones. It includes all templates needed to successfully complete a project, and uses a mix of multimedia approaches with ongoing assessment of your learning, supported by regular video-coaching sessions to support successful project delivery.
It is expected that each individual programme would be of a six-month duration, but we can tailor this to your specific needs, with the aim of training to a Green Belt level and for participants to complete at least their first project. We would expect an average of two hours per week to complete the e-learning modules, plus project time of ideally at least 4 hours per week. The pricing structure allows unlimited e-learning access, but the most powerful and important aspect of the programme is the regular coaching session. Our belief is that on-line training is an excellent alternative to classroom based courses and is of most benefit when supported by access to coaching to enable with immediate application of the skills on a real business problem. 
The base programme provides six one-hour coaching sessions per participant, planned to be on a monthly basis, to reinforce the e-learning content, to discuss the work that they have completed on their projects and to review the course content and the plan ahead. The advanced coaching option provides twelve fortnightly coaching sessions. We are utilising the latest videoconferencing techniques which are easily accessed over any internet connection with no additional technology requirements. Participants will not only be able to see their coach and any electronic materials that they are using, the participant will be able to interact directly with their coaches screen, using their own mouse and keyboard to perform activities on the coaches computer. On-site coaching can also be made available, or if you have multiple participants we can combine coaching sessions.
Each participant has unlimited e-mail support during the programme, so if there is anything that they may need some help on there is no need to wait for their coaching session. The outcome of the programme will be successful project delivery, greatly increased Lean Six Sigma skills and, subject to meeting set criteria, nationally recognised Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification via Ci forum. 

The flexibility of the course allows participants at a time to suit them - no need to wait for the next class to be scheduled. For more information please contact

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training

We have tailored this specific course as an open course and as the next step from our Green Belt training. The total cost for participants completing all 5 modules is $5000 (+gst).  It will be a series of five 2-day modules
Leading Change, VOC, DFSS and Co-design
Advanced Lean, Systems Thinking and Theory of Constraints
Advanced facilitation, including Rapid Improvement Events
Advanced Statistics – Hypothesis testing review, Non parametric tests, Advanced Control Charts, Process capability and MSA
Multiple regression and Design of Experiments
Improvement Practitioner (Green Belt) is a pre-requisite to obtain certification at an Advanced (Black Belt) level.  Green Belt e-learning as an option can be made available to participants to complete prior to the course if needed. To obtain Advanced (Black Belt) certification participants need to complete all 5 modules and sit a 2-3 hour exam, as well as project delivery competencies. Access to Minitab is essential for Modules 4 and 5.
Each module will be available to additional participants, and organisations have the option to run any module as an in-house course for a wider group of participants.

For more information please contact