About Us

Ci forum had its beginnings in 2005 as an avenue for continuous improvement professionals to meet to share their experience and knowledge – essentially a community of practice. Ci forum has now developed into the leading New Zealand resource for continuous improvement, regardless of the methodology used. Through regular meetings, seminars, conferences and the discussion board our members are using the forum as an opportunity to learn from others and as a way to contribute to the wider vision of moving New Zealand organisations closer to world-class performance levels.

To generate learning experiences and relationships that transform the way that our member organisations do business.

To significantly contribute to an increase in the productivity of New Zealand organisations.

To provide a structure and environment that creates an open and valued learning network for New Zealand organisations who are actively involved in improving.

Membership is FREE and open to all New Zealand organisations that are seeking better ways to operate.  Ci forum encourages the open sharing and exchange of ideas and best practice between members.